How To Select Table Bases For Outdoor?
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How To Select Table Bases For Outdoor?


 Before buying table bases, most customers will make some preparation for it. Such as, what    material is good for outdoor, does the bases weight enough to bear the breeze at outdoor? Or what color makes people joyful. And sometimes, customers ask us directly, what kind of table legs can we use at outside? Here are some tips that help you to find the right table base for your home, backyard, café shop, outdoor restaurant or your customers.


Most cities located at mid-low latitude, and middle and lower reaches of the river. The climate is including Subtropical monsoon climate, temperate maritime climate, Mediterranean climate, Tropical monsoon climate and Tropical rainforest climate. If your city with much rain and high humidity, stainless steel table legs will be a good choice. #304 stainless steel that to be used produce table bases. It is commercial level. About it, you could get it easier, you see, you will use stainless steel storage shelf at your washroom, and you could find that many display stands at indoor pool also is stainless steel, because indoor humidity is very high.


Besides of the places where are rain often and high humidity. Cast iron table base is suitable for places where the climate is soft or four distinct seasons. Cast iron table legs and aluminum table legs are feature of corrosion resistant finish. It is could help to protect the bases from rusting and discoloration at outdoor. However, because of the aluminum and cast iron are not very resistive to corrosion on their own. So the daily maintenance is very important. Try to use dry cloth to clean the dirty at the surface.

Aluminum also is a very nice material for outdoor table base. Aluminum will not rust and corrosion resistant extremely. It is very light and convenient to move from indoor to outdoor.


Finishing table base option, here is some table top suggestions offer to you. For aluminum table base, we do not suggest you to use granite, or other stone material, because of the hardness of aluminum table leg is not very high, if the table top is too heavy, the table base will not be heavy enough to prevent the whole table from tipping. That means the normal usage will do not have indemnification. Teak, poly wood, topalit are good material for table top. We also have aluminum table top. Most of time, you could to choose the add weight, we also call it added iron. Put them at bottom of table bases to ensure the stable of table.


Cast iron table base is heavy enough to bear large and big weight table top, such as marble, granite. Meanwhile, it is also with much texture.


If you want to find a economical and supportive table leg, and you have enough time to do the daily maintenance, cast iron and aluminum table bases will be good option. If you are looking for a table base to match with heavy and large top, and don’t want to worry about much about maintenance, stainless steel is good for you.

In 2018 new season, EASE published some new aluminum table base. And we also add white, and gray to enrich our product color. If you have any idea or you want to have the table bases with the color you want, just feel free to contact us. 

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